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they say he is in trouble. the bombing suspects, what the two brothers were doing moments before the bombs went off. live in san jose, regarding police misconduct and we will tell you about what was found. ktvu channel 2 morning news. thank you for waking up with us this tuesday morning, april 23rd, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather and traffic, steve, you are saying this forecast is a little tricky? >> it's all over the place, warm, cold, windy -- >> plus hot? >> well, for some. >> and north winds are at 30 miles per hour and there is no doubt about it howling winds in
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mt. diablo and it will be 50s and 60s for others. between walnut creek and oakland, no major problems, but also the morning commute looks good on 101 approaching the 880 split. a story has been developing since last night. right now tosses of s.w.a.t. officers are in a stand testify and he has dash she has told us why police are not willing to rush in. >> reporter: this standoff has lasted more than seven hours and police do believe he is armed and they are really taking their time and they have been asking him to come out with his hands up but he is simply not surrendering. this all started off the corner
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of cherry. the ambulance transported the victim and as he was being taken away he identified the shooter. police then zeroed in on the home where they believe the suspect lives and neighbors are telling us this morning, enough is enough. >> guys have kids, you know it is up in this complex and they got to go to school today. i don't know, do we keep them in. i don't know how close it is in the apartment but we hope we can get this resolved. >> reporter: officers had to use flash banks earlier and they used a robot and they believe again he has barricaded himself in since 11:00 and officers have been on the scene trying to get him to come out and he has not responded.
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this sort of thing unfortunately happens and one man said his daughters are afraid to go outside. >> reporter: the manhasset no prior -- man has no prior arrests so they are surprised at this situation. we will let you know if there are any new developments, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:02, earlier this morning, fbi released new photos of the bombing suspects. they were taken just moments before the bombings 8 days ago, no sign of any real tension and at most times they appear calm and relaxed. moments later, two bombs went off, injuring almost 200
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hers. they are still unarmed guard and dzhokhar tsarnaev is not able to speak because of a serious next wound but he is cooperating with investigators by either nodding or writing. the 19-year-old is claiming his older brother was the driving force behind last week's deadly bombings and that no international terrorist groups were behind the deadly plot. >> i said the two people committing these vicious attacks are either dead or arrested and i still believe that. >> reporter: now yesterday a judge was brought to his hospital bed to formally -- formerly charge the suspect. he has charged that could lead to the death penalty, and prosecutors can add to that long list of charges. shawn collier, the 26-year-old
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was shot during a violent standoff and vice-president joseph biden and his wife will be attending the funerals. the department has increased patrols on downtown streets at transit centers, sporting events and other potential terrorist targets. as reported, there soon could be cameras on market street but one of the best tools are the eyes and ears of the public and officers are urging anybody to watch for anything unusual and immediately report any suspicious activity. you can't take small knives on airplanes. tsa needs more time and some say the knives tonight belong and the tsa will not say if
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this is member knap or if it could change again. she is accused of making a hit list and is facing disbarment later today. she is accused of smuggling the hit list outside of jail hiding it behind documents that they were not am loud to search. they were scheduled to testify against the client and bay was convicted in 2007 and no witnesses were harmed. the numbers are in and crime in san jose has gone up and crime with police has gone down. breaking down that police department audit report, here is more, janeane? >> reporter: people we spoke to
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said there was more involving misconduct. it was done by the police department internal affairs department from last year and they found a 7% decline despite all the layoffs retirements and all the lower moral they have experienced. they have a big reduction from the 42 officers disciplined in 2011 and one of the recommendations made by the police auditor was to have the police department reinstate its policy to document all people that are detained and searched but not arrested and that policy was put into place by chris moore but it stopped in january, when the acting chief took over. >> i think it should be done incase something actually happened you would actually know the background of the
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person, but should it come to play in all accounts, if you do it in one you might as well do them in all. >> reporter: another recommendation is for officers who draw or point their weapons in the direction of a person to document that happened in an incident report and another is to establish an annual day in which all department tazers are recalculated. what to they in common, we will have the answer to that coming up at 6:45, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning, the santa clara city council is expected to approve an overnight carry few at the city's most pop -- curfew at the city's most popular beach. now the curfew would ban being on the beach between midnight
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and an hour before sunrise. wild life observers will still be allowed to cross the beach. bart is now underway after a woman jumped in front of the bart station. she laid on the tracks and the train went right over her but did not injure her. she is being evaluated at a hospital. sal says, so far so good and it is probably a good time to get out there in traffic. that is right, it's still pretty good out there, dave and pam and by the way the metering lights have been turned on at the bay bridge and you can see traffic is a little more crowded and when you do get to the bay bridge, they have searched those metering lights and they are just a little bitterly and it is backed -- a
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little bit early and it is backed up for 5 to 10 minutes before you make it onto the bridge. the traditional slow traffic, 680 looks good and that traffic is moving well, we are off to a good start. >> are you having issues or is it just with me? >> no.i had issues as well. okay, we do have really tough challenging forecasted highs and there is a lot of fog on the coast and man is it cold and a rip roaring wind especially some higher elevations still 64 miles per hour and mt. diablo and black hawk, man, it is whipping and leaves are blowing all over the place, 50 miles per hour and the fog is making for a
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tremendous difference but everybody except santa cruz and if you get a south wind, concord had it but concord 54 and out of the north napa 65 and santa rosa 66 and oakland 63 just a complete reversal and a half moon bay 49 and that breeze is north, northeast and there is more of a westerly breeze in oakland, north wind at fso, southerly breeze, half- moon bay, it is depending on the temperatures and we'll see temperatures around the coast and right around point ray lighthouse and it is south of that. we are getting sunny weather and it is 35 and snowing.
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our record snow fall, it is still in the teens and 20s, for us 46 at monterey, 61 sacramento. so there are very warm temperatures and very cool temperatures but the fog usually starts to come around and still warm inland and those temperatures are dependant and 80s for many, they are coming  down 75 degrees and other locations are dropping a good 75 to 80s and it falls a wart and pictures will -- falls apart and cooler on wednesday, that is not a problem and it is holding steady on friday and a little bit warmer on the weekend. >> 6:12, flight delays because of air traffic controller
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. welcome back, new information about a terrorist
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plot, they were trying to derail a train going from canada to new york. investigators believe the suspects were getting help from members of al qaeda in iran. the information did not come as a surprise to the cia and they say al qaeda has had a presence in iran since 2001 but they deny that al qaeda is operating from within their borders. he is accused of sending poison to president barack obama and a judge and a senator. lawyers for kevin curtis said he should be released because there is no physical evidence connecting him to the crime. they did not find anything after they searched his home and a search of his computers did not turn up any evidence but they are still searching for an external hard drive.
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>> they are trying to drill secretary of homeland security janet napolitano on boarder security and as kyla campbell reports, it is the second one this week on the new immigration bill. >> reporter: they are picking apart the immigration reform bill from last week and they are expected to focus on boarder security. skeptical republicans said the obama administration record is poor but they say something needs to be done but 11 million undocumented immigrants are not going to leave the u.s. 70% of their workers are in the u.s. illegally and they want to work towards becoming u.s. citizens. farmers in california are struggling and have an inconsistent supply of workers. >> it's as close to coming to a national crisis with respect to retaining this country's agricultural prowess as
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anything. >> reporter: the bipartisan immigration bill proposed could help some of the 10% unemployed people in california and this would proof they first advertised jobs to americans before hiring people from other countries. beal see what the -- we'll see what the top priority is in the next hour when i see you next. kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. battery system used in the boeing dreamliner is just getting underway. they want to know why the problems with the lithium batteries were not detected when they were in service around the world. they have approved a redesign system and boeing is now installing those batteries. we are also hearing first reports of flight delays due to
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furloughs. it started as questioning terribled -- sequestered budget cuts. airtran traffic comptroller's have to take off and we checked here in the bay area and we have learned they have 33 control letters and 34 will be furloughed each day. oakland has 30 and they plan to furlough 3 to 4 each day and at san jose 18 are going to be furloughed, two to three each day. you will see some slowed traffic coming out of antioch but in bay point, if you happen to get on the freeway at bay point, it is not filled just yet. if we look at the bay bridge,
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it is filled in by making it to the metering lights and no whops on the span. let's look at the usual traffic from altima past, it is not all that pad as we look at the south bay likewise 280 and 101 along the peninsular. let's go to steve. we have a difference in temperatures and i had a nice tweet from brandon in pacifica, 46 degrees and you can see the fog going up the coast. yet other areas where the wind on the north coast is just howling. all of that wind means pollen and allergies are awful. i don't think there is going to be much change. 53 oakland, 65 san francisco,
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very rare to see that, 56 san jose, north whipped, napa is in the 60s, concord is 54. livermore 55, i don't know where that 60 is coming from and it is not going north to east but it has not taken a turn. inland it is not going to make much of an impact. if you get that south wind and it will be much cooler, it is going to be a day where temperatures are still mild to warm and we will send it back to pam and dave. well, twitter has signed it's biggest ad deal yesterday. media is worth 100s of million a year and it shows the growing importance of twittering and many are marketing the bridge
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to television audiences. >> we try to use twitter every day. >> you have to go with me because i am telling you about a one way trip to mars. we will tell you how you can become one of the first residents on mars. i knew there were a lot of tech jobs available out there. i knew devry university would give me the skills that i needed to make one of those tech jobs mine. we teach cutting-edge engineering technology, computer information systems,
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. welcome back. statewide fire crews are adding to their numbers to prepare for the firefighter season. they are starting weeks ahead of schedule and they will be hiring and training 40 seasonal firefighters. they are also training for hand signals from the ground. >> we are about a month ahead of time so by getting people trained, we can get them trained while the fire is started to carry. >> this is what they say is one of the dryest on record and they hope to be fully staffed before summer. the 11-year-old boy from
6:26 am
martinez who was badly hurt had some very special visitors in his boston hospital room. look at the pictures josh redick, brandon moss and ty waller visited aaron and his family. aaron and his family are hoping to be back home in the bay area at the end of the month. if you woke up and you ever thought about living on mars you may soon get a chance. mars 1 wants to establish human life on mars and the ceo says anybody can apply but there is a catch. right now today there is no technology to bring you back. the first departure is steaded for 2023 with new mixes every two -- missions every two years. sal knows about our mission here on earth, it is the
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commute. traffic is moving well on 208 getting into the -- 280 getting into the valley and if you are driving northbound it is not stop and go. also this morning, livermore valley has been the heaviest commute and it has taken a half hour to get from grant line to 880. >> the temperatures here, i had a nice e-mail and napa airport, fairfield, 50s and 60s, if you are near the coast anywhere from 50s and 60s to upper #0s, dave. , upper 80s, dave. we will find out what is next for the accused terrorist and we will have a live report
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from boston. @p
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. good morning, welcome back, we are looking at the nasdaq and we have a couple of stocks to watch, coach, up 14% after some good earnings. is that you and steve shopping? >> steve shops more than i do. >> well, we will have all the numbers coming up next. >> all right, we will say good morning, it is a tuesday april 23rd, i am dave clark. we get to talk about the very latest of what is going on with the boston bombing case but back here we have some local news, pam. >> first up, a local community
6:31 am
remembering lu lingzi, the 22- year-old boston university graduate student died last week in the boston marathon pollings. members of her -- marathon bombings. member of her family arrived from china for her service. monday mortgaged an emotional and pivotal day in the after math of the tack. one victim, crystal campbell was laid to rest shortly after one moment marking a moment of silence to remember all that was lost and automatic that is left to recover. the mayor accepted the american flag which is flown at half staff over the finish line. it is a symbolic transition as the fbi handed the quarterback over to the city. >> it was really symbolic and i am really glad it was put together and it was put together from the people who worked on the ground over the last several days. >> reporter: the suspect is now
6:32 am
in the hospital along with his brother faced a judge, accused of conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction resulting in death and use of property resulting in death, he could face the death penalty. dozens of his victims remain hospitalized. >> i am angry, i am not angry 100% of the time but i am defiant and i want to come out stronger. >> reporter: and pam and dave, we are hearing from a u.s. government source that dzhokhar tsarnaev is now communicating in some form or fashion with investigators claiming his older brother was the mastermind behind all of this and they have no link to any international terrorist group but we want to point out, this is still early in the investigation and things could change. >> thank you torii.
6:33 am
developing news, chp plans to expand the number of nights they will patrol in oakland. mayor jean quan said chp has agreed to increase patrols to four days a week and that will recover a alameda sheriff's deputies. they stopped after the department failed to reach an agreement on who would cover the costs when an officer is injured on the job. they are making reports and lifting the best high schools in america but that same school could be forced to close its doors. alex savage is at american indian charter school to explain why this particular school is in generality. despite error high performance and they were also voted for a closure. >> reporter: that includes the
6:34 am
high school here across the street from us which was recently ranked one of the best high school in california according to reason rankings. now they are pulling them because of shady deals by the director. this is a rally in march and administrators are taking steps to prevent misuse of funds in the future. it is the most challenging school in the country and here at the school 80 percent are low income and have a 100% college acceptance rate and according to just released rankings in world reports, the american indian public charter high school gets very high marks as well and it is one of several bay area high schools ranked in the top 20 in california. administrators here are planning to appeal to change on -- hang on to their charter if
6:35 am
their appeal was not successful. we will certainly let you know when we will hear back. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. the s.w.a.t. team surrounding an apartment complex where a suspected gunman is believed to be hiding, tara moriarty has been out there on the scene since 4:30 talking about what is going on, what is happening tara. >> reporter: it appears that the suspect they believe has been barricaded inside his apartment is actually not there. as you can see the streets are pretty empty and that's because everybody is beginning to filter out although we are being told they will be doing a search of the neighborhood to try and find this guy. the man who supposedly
6:36 am
barricaded himself in had an argument with his roommate over money we are told and shot him. this is video and if we look at some video we watched officers throw in a lot of flash bangs. obviously the suspect didn't bulging because he was not in there. police do believe he is armed and that's why they zeroed in on him and they were on the bull horn asking him to come out and this sort of thing actually happens a lot and one man told us his young you to thers are afraid to go outside. >> there is no way he need to come on out. >> reporter: now this all began
6:37 am
around 10:30 when police say the suspect shot a man in the back and an ambulance transported that man to a hospital where he is expected to survive and as he was taken away in the ambulance he identified the shooter so police zeroed in on the home on 56th and east lawn and after about 8 hours, they discovered indeed he was not inside and police be -- police will be going door to door and trying to reassess the situation and figure out where the suspect might be. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> all right, tara, thank you, sal, let's get you where you need to be, sal, how is it looking? we are watching out for children on bikes as part of a coalition and if you are driving in san francisco, it is going to be a 20-minute wait before you make it on to the bridge.
6:38 am
it has been steady and slow and traffic freeway looks good. it is still not looking food at all which is nice probably the nicest it is going to be and it is a nice drive into the valley. let's go to steve. we have lots of good information coming in, kathy in napa, it is howling, dogs are going crazy and the hot springs, some locations, cassie hill in grant that, foggy and cold, this is one of more challenging forecasts i have seen in a long time, fog is on the coast but it is mainly going south to north unless you are down towards monterey. 65 towards napa and concord 64, livermore 65, 65 san francisco,
6:39 am
53 oakland, 50s on the peninsular, 50s on the coast and i have seen 47 at ocean beach and 46 pacifica and it is all over the place on some of these temperatures. if you get an east or north wind it is on the keeler side, so that is going to be the forecast and we have still not taken the turnaround but it is south of that and boy, it is way down here. it is snowing throughout much of the midwest and it is 19 in denver and snowing and 18 at the air force academy, record snow fall for the month and rapid city south dakota and i know it is crazy, dave, 39 up in tahoe and we had some
6:40 am
reports on napa county as well reports of monterey and fog and maybe it is cold out there but if it's not it is howling. cooler and warm, if that fog is up, if you get a northeast wind, it is cooler. this is kind of a prod brush and if you are anywhere near the coast it will be much, much cooler and we will have it a little warmer on the weekend. we get to talk basketball because the golden state warriors have a real uphill battle. they lost all-star david lee, he suffered that serious hip injury in game one and denver
6:41 am
nuggets have that lead but they are confident their team can pull off an upset. you can attend two playoff watch parties in the future home san francisco, one will be at the stock and trade restaurant on lumbard street and the game starts tonight at 7:30. >> it is a big day for bird watchers at san jose city hall. we will tell you what he had to say about police misconduct. highway , we have some stop and go traffic and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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. it is really cool, we have some howling winds, highs are anywhere from 50s and 60s, 70s and 80s. in san jose, even though crime has increased complaints about police have not. janine de la vega is in san jose this morning with the breakdown on the numbers from
6:45 am
san jose's latest police audit, janeane? >> reporter: well, the audit found the police department had the lowest complaints against it in 20 years. even though there were layoffs and low moral, police misconduct investigations done by the internal affairs unit, the i p.a. found there were 11 for misconduct and 42 officers were disciplined. complaints included by as policing, allegations and conduct unbecoming of an officer. they had conclusions in '84% of the cases but the highest number were made against
6:46 am
veteran officers having several years or more and here is one man's opinion on that. >> the veteran officers, you know they have probably seen a lot and you know, i can understand they might be fed up with certain things due to being on the job and certain stresses, it is not police work by any means and they need to bring more than they have. they need to have a policy reinstated where they document the race and ethnicity of everyone searched at traffic stops. coming up on mornings on 2 we will tell you about the biggest complaint on veteran officers, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. in just about an hour from now a ritual begins and as brian flores explains, it
6:47 am
involves a guy propelling down a building and some very angry birds. >> reporter: i used to cover panda watch and now i am on falcon watch. this man is going to scale and this is one of the falcon parents looking over her chicks and this work is very important. this is glenn stewart and he is the guy who will repel and watch over the chicks and he will place light aluminum bands to track the falcons and he will determine the sex of the falcons when he visit is the nest and he will be dive bombed when he visit is the nest as the natural instinct but the falcons are lucky to be alive several years ago, they were
6:48 am
wiped out due to pesticide use and if you can't be here at the city hall, you can also go on the city's website properly named and we will follow it here as well. glenn stewart is here and we will bring you the latest on 2. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following now. oakland police are still searching for a suspected gunman who was the focus of a s.w.a.t. standoff. and on 65th avenue, he is suspected on having a short. a woman jumped in front of a train and officials say the train rolled right over the woman who was down on the
6:49 am
tracks laying down at the 24th street station in san francisco. she was not hurt but she is undergoing a mental and medical evaluation. back over to sal, find out what he is keeping an eye on now. we are looking at the commute getting busier as we look at the golden gate bridge, it is a very nice drive, a post card day here on the span and more are coming in to san francisco bay bridge and it is a lot more crowded backed up to a 30 minutes day -- 30 minute delay and it will be a little bit slow once you get on to the bridge. traffic there is looking good >> all right, let's go to steve, it is down on waters but some areas are socked in and it is cold wind did i and warm and i am looking at that seeing a north wind and 68 degrees and
6:50 am
mt. diablo gusting to 68 miles per hour and it is a huge difference in some of these temperatures, some are cool and warm and some are cold so if you get a south wind or west wind, it will be a cooler day but it has been a long time since i have seen some of these locations. the fog is there and it is not making much of an impact unless you are right by the waters' edge. while we have record heat, it is back in the dakotas and the air force academy is just amazing for april. we'll see windy and warm for inland and we have a 30 degrees difference which would not surprise me in the least. 60s to near 90s and i had a report in clear lake which said the winds have stopped.
6:51 am
it goes from 60s to upper 80s and the winds can turn and if it stays north it will be really warm. thursday looks like the coolest day for the upcoming weekend. i am looking at the very latest reading for apple and right now they are up about a dollar or almost $2 per share. analysts are expected to hear quarterly margins and they say lower margins are on the iphone 5, apple has lost some of its luster and apple is down from its all-time high in september. google could bring you more information and google is the service that tries to answer questions before the user even
6:52 am
asks them. for example it could give you a heads up on your usual route home from work and adding it now, it could affect the area and it could be an option they could turn on and off. time now 651, a historic post office in downtown berkeley, why it will not be a post office while they decide to sell the building. traffic looks good heading off to the high-rise and we will tell you more about the morning commute.
6:53 am
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. dow jones industrial average is up 14,000, nasdaq and s&p 500 is up and they are posting some gains, bay area net flicks is adding cards for some of that. >> time now 6:55 some bay area schools are seeing an increase in bomb threats. yesterday san francisco found a suspicious box and inside a note saying about bomb was about to be set off. police evacuated the building
6:56 am
and it turned out to be a hoax and they do take every report of this very seriously. ebay says charging sales taxes could hurt many small businesses and they are letting federal workers oppose them. they overwhelmingly voted to debate the idea if the senate approves the proposal they will then go to the house and amazon approves online sellers. they are selling off that historic main downtown building in berkeley. they are on the national registry of historic places and the community now has two weeks to appeal but the move comes as the postal service comes to generate revenue and cut costs. a film is being done in louisiana and it is all the
6:57 am
football teams 151 game winning streak and the coach behind it all. it is called when the game stands tall and this man stars as the coach and he stepped down at the beginning of this year. and neal haze being filmed in louisiana, tax credits there make filming less expensive. when the game stands tall is due out next fall. let's check in with sal, how is the commute? >> you know it is actually all right but let's start with the bay bridge, that is backed up for a 20 to 35 minute delay which is the norm and no accidents on the bridge. this is a look in san francisco and that traffic looks pretty good if you are driving through and on the peninsular
6:58 am
southbound to 182, it is a 20 minute drive. here is steve. it is really cool and foggy for some warm for others, big differences for many, 50s and 60s closer to coast and bay. coming up on mornings on 2 we have been on since 4:30 this morning, gunfire led to an all night standoff with s.w.a.t. , it just ended moments ago. and a one word answer the surviving bombing suspect gave to investigators, stay with us.
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